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Advantages of a Buyer's agent

Why Every Home Buyer Should Use a Buyer’s Agent

How can a Buyer’s Agent Help Me?

A Buyer’s Agent can do more to provide you with the information to make a qualified purchase decision.  Much more!  A buyer’s agent represents Your Interests and can never compromise your interests by passing along information about you to the seller.  A Buyer’s Agent can:

  • Represent you as a true client, not just as a customer.
  • Show you all the homes on the market that meet your needs, including any For Sale By Owner properties we are aware of which meet your buyer profile.
  • Keep your negotiating and financial position confidential.
  • Provide data and analysis of comparable sales and market conditions to help you formulate an offering price and negotiating strategy.
  • Help you write an offer and negotiate with only your interests in mind.
  • Point out positive and negative aspects of each property so you can make a fully informed purchase decision.
  • Research any seller or property and provide you with strategic insight.
  • Provide reliable sources of lenders, inspectors, attorneys, insurance agents, and other professionals.
  • Provide you with anonymity if desired.

Quite simply, BUYER AGENCY allows us to work contractually in your best interest, not the seller's. And having your own representation doesn't have to cost you a penny more...don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Can a Transaction Broker or Seller’s Agent Help You Buy?

Remember, a Buyer’s Agent Works Only For You!  Alternatively, if you use a Transaction Broker in the purchase of a home, they owe no loyalty to you and your interests.  A Transaction Broker’s responsibility is only to assist the buyer and seller throughout the transaction without being an agent or advocate for any of the parties.  Worse yet, if you are working with an agent of the seller, you are only a customer.  The Seller’s Agent owes their loyalty to the seller.

The Buyer’s Agent works for the buyer and is obligated to reveal to the buyer:

  • The willingness of the seller to accept a lower price.
  • Any facts relating to the reason for selling and their timetable for selling.
  • How long the home has been on the market.
  • Any facts affecting the value of the property.
  • Any information that would affect the buyer’s ability to obtain the property at the lowest price on the most favorable terms.

If you are absolutely in love with the property you are buying, you do not want your agent to have the same rose colored glasses (or blinders) that you have.  That is all the more reason to be sure the agent is Working For You!

What will a Buyer’s Agent Cost You?

  You receive the benefit of a broker who is obligated to represent your interests at no direct cost to you. 

A Buyer’s Agent can guide you each step of the way to prevent costly errors.  Failure to find out about the actual value of the property or defects in a property can be an expensive mistake.  And failure to negotiate a contract that works for you can cost you plenty.

With a Buyer’s Agent, you can receive advice and assistance in determining an appropriate offering price for the property that suits your needs.